Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Jesus Use Dreams to Speak to Us?

My wife is a firm believer that the time each day that we are closest to God is while we are asleep. It is then that our worldly worries take a backseat to our subconscious mind. Without a doubt God used dreams and visions to speak to people time and time again throughout the Bible. I myself have been visited on numerous occassions by dreams that seemed to have a message that was more than meets the eye. Dreams are mysterious, uncontrolled, and not well understood. Surely each of us have felt the power of dreams in deja-vu experiences that seem to suggest that there is a lot more to this whole dreaming thing than we may first realize. Jeff Leslie certainly believes God speaks to us in dreams. His is a remarkable story that should inspire us as Christians to stay positive through all things. If you need a pick me up, and you want to see that Jesus is still working miracles today, I encourage you to read this story of hope by Jeff Leslie. I know it was a blessing to me.


This weeks video of the week is "Slow Fade" by Casting Crowns.

Friday, March 20, 2009

After calming the waves, Jesus is using them:

When you think of the Arab world there are numerous things you think of....Christian Radio is probably not one of them. This being said, over a million Arabs are now within the Christian radio waves HCJB Global.


This weeks Christian Video is John Waller's "Still Calls Me Son!"

Exactly What Did you Expect?

Numerous Christian leaders are expressing dissatisfaction with President Obama over his first round of decisions. While this is not meant to be a political forum, I have to wonder out loud - what did these Christian leaders expect exactly?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol - Gone Christian?

Last night as I rested and watched American Idol, I was rather surprised and quite happy to see Danny Gokey sing "Jesus Take the Wheel." Jesus can get all the airtime he wants on television, any time he wants to. I am pretty sure that the creator of the universe can do as he wishes, but he prefers Christians to spread the word and this outspoken song being sung in front of millions of viewers around the world resonated nicely with me. Kudos for Danny Gokey, who just stepped out and became a role model for numerous Christians by doing what all Christians are supposed to do....telling others about Christ.