Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Jesus Use Dreams to Speak to Us?

My wife is a firm believer that the time each day that we are closest to God is while we are asleep. It is then that our worldly worries take a backseat to our subconscious mind. Without a doubt God used dreams and visions to speak to people time and time again throughout the Bible. I myself have been visited on numerous occassions by dreams that seemed to have a message that was more than meets the eye. Dreams are mysterious, uncontrolled, and not well understood. Surely each of us have felt the power of dreams in deja-vu experiences that seem to suggest that there is a lot more to this whole dreaming thing than we may first realize. Jeff Leslie certainly believes God speaks to us in dreams. His is a remarkable story that should inspire us as Christians to stay positive through all things. If you need a pick me up, and you want to see that Jesus is still working miracles today, I encourage you to read this story of hope by Jeff Leslie. I know it was a blessing to me.

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