Thursday, August 27, 2009

An American Tale - making a black and white issue shades of gray.

America is a wonderful country. I am so blessed to live here and we have had God's hand on us as a country enabling us to become the most affluent nation in the world. Well sure, other countries may have higher per capita incomes, but no one has the income levels and the freedoms we enjoy in America. That being said, no one is better at pushing the envelope and blurring issues that should be black and white into mere shades of gray.

The church I belonged to in Memphis, TN, Kirby Woods Baptist Church and its former preacher brother Bob Pittman always said that you love the sinner and hate the sin. Homosexuality is a sin. It doesn't mean that we should hate homosexual people, but it does mean that they are living in sin while in the lifestyle. With this Biblical truth in hand I must admit that the Lutheran Church's decision to allow homosexual preachers has severely disappointed me. Now do not misunderstand, every preacher in America sins, but not every preacher in America lives their sin in blatant disobedience for all to see.

Some churches in the Lutheran faith need to examine whether their leadership has their best interest at heart, or if they are merely being transformed to the world instead of rising above it.

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