Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Abortion Gone Oh So Right.

Her medical record reads "born during a saline abortion." Her body has the "gift" (her words not mine) of cerebral palsy. She was born in an abortion clinic and raised as an orphan in a foster home, yet Gianna Jessen isn't going to complain. You are more likely to find Jessen running a marathon than complaining about her cerebral palsy. She just completed a 26.2 mile marathon in 7 hours. For all of us who sometimes think life can be overwhelming, Jessen is a swift dose of reality. For everyone who believes a woman's right to choose overshadows a child's right to live Jessen is God's answer.

Jessen was born with cerebral palsy as a result of a failed third trimester abortion attempt by her then 17 year old mother. For 18 hours Jessen's body was burned in the womb by the saline, but she survived and was born a 2 pound baby girl. Doctor's doubted whether she would ever hold her head up. When she began to walk she needed the aid of braces. And now, well now she runs marathons. If the story ended there, it would be remarkable and awe inspiring. It doesn't. You see Jessen is a devout Christian that now travels the world sharing her testimony and speaking to young people about the horrors of abortions. She has a pretty good perspective from which to speak.

I can find a myriad of excuses not to talk about the Lord. Ms. Jessen has the perfect excuse and instead uses it to her strength to reach people for Christ. Jessen is an inspiration, but I doubt she would see it that way. I think she would be quick to say that Jesus is the true inspiration. As a Christian Jessen lives life to the fullest in a way pleasing to God without excuses. Oh that the same could be said of each and every one of us.

Gianna Jessen was a guest speaker at the 13th Annual Banquet for the Hope Resource Center at the Christian Academy of Knoxville's Campus Center on Saturday April 24th.


  1. What an amazing awe-inspiring story.

    George Duncan

  2. And guess who America elected to run this country...the #1 supporter of abortion---any kind by the way---Mr. Obama and the rest of this liberal God-forsaken for thought!!

  3. In light of this story...a very good friend of mine in Christ wrote this poem that I would like to was prompted by the Holy Spirit...
    If My People…

    There! Can you hear the scream?
    Another, there…the silent scream.
    Away went the promise of life;
    No hope for a childhood dream.

    Listen to soon-stilled voices
    All around from everywhere
    Pleading in dismal chorus
    Piercing the warm moist air.

    Perfect children near fully formed
    Swim in the sea of life
    En-route to mothers’ arms
    No hint of the lethal knife.

    The probe they can’t elude
    Suction begins to roar
    There is no place to hide
    A moment, then life no more.

    Can you hear the others weeping?
    Mothers and fathers come to truth
    That life-full womb became a tomb
    Their burden heavy from youth.

    “Why won’t they hear?” Weeps Our God.
    “The life they choose to end
    To selfishly protect themselves
    I would choose to mend.

    “Feel my tear slide down your face.
    My promise will ever stand:
    If you will turn from your wicked ways,
    I will heal your land.”

    David Borden Powers 3/4/10

  4. Thank you Carmita for posting the poem.