Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gay Policeman Arrests Street Preacher for Denouncing Homosexuality

When the "Hate Crime Bill" was pushed through Congress thereby making it a crime to criticize homosexuality, most did not notice. As Americans we have become accustomed to being apathetic with regard to our legislature. Truth of the matter is that Congress is so out of touch with most Americans that mainstream America pretty much assumes that Congress is going to be screwing up a great deal of the time and that there is nothing new to see here. Christians should certainly take notice of this legislation however as the ramifications of similar laws were on display in the Cumbrian England town of Workington on April 20th.

On this date 42 year old Dale McAlpine, an energy worker that is also a street evangelist, was arrested for proclaiming the Biblical doctrine that homosexuality is a sin. Apparently Mr. McAlpine was approached by Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Sam Adams and asked if there was a problem. Mr. McAlpine, who had been asking passers-by to repent and seek salvation, replied that there was not a problem.

The PCSO then told McAlpine that "he was gay and he was the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender liaison officer for the police." Mr. McAlpine recalled. ‘I said, “It is still a sin”, and our conversation ended. It wasn’t a loud or aggressive conversation," recounted McAlpine. Mere moments later 3 additional police officers arrived and arrested McAlpine and charged him with making insensitive remarks in public.

Think this couldn't happen in the United States, try reading the hate crimes bill which was pushed through with such little fan fair. Numerous preachers worry that the federal government could even try to imprison them for denouncing homosexuality as a sin.

After reading about Mr. McAlpine I was amazed. I am not sure which amazed me more however, the fact that he was arrested for his actions, or the fact that the police department has a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender liaison. What is this world coming to when we have homosexual police patrol units marching the street arresting people who disagree with their lifestyle. Oh my, you just cannot make this stuff up.

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  1. Could have just as easily said "Gay Preacher condemns Policeman for espousing Hetrosexuality"