Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Every Great Artist Signs His Work

Have you ever noticed that every great artist has a trademark signature? Signatures can be an indicator of authenticity. As impressive as some artistic creations may be, there is no artist ever whose work can compare to that of Jesus Christ. Have you ever noticed how intricately things work together. It really is amazing. Collosians 1:17 states "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." There is no more amazing evidence of this than in the case of laminin. You see laminin is a protein molecule that holds the very cells of our body together. Without laminin, we would cease to exist. You really must view the picture of laminin to understand God's signature.

From the tinniest of structures that literally hold our bodies together by joining our cells into organs and organs into bodies to the furthest reaches of space, God's signature is everywhere. The furthest galaxy that the Hubble Telescope has been able to view yields yet another signature of God's amazing signature. From great to small from our very makeup to our furthest adventure, God has signed our world. Is there any doubt of the majesty of Jesus Christ? Surely not! How great is our God!

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