Monday, October 25, 2010

Tennesseans Send Pro-Prayer Message to Foreign Liberals.

"Don't tread on me" was the message that fans and football players alike sent in Rhea County, Tennessee on Friday night. Soddy Daisy High School had been warned about holding a prayer before its football games by the Freedom From Religion Group from Madison, Wisconsin. The liberal organization tread on three things that Tennesseans hold very dear - religion, football, and state sovereignty. Tennesseans have a reputation as wonderfully courteous people, but they also will circle the wagons when "outsiders" threaten their way of life.

Dr. Jim Scales, the Superintendent for Hamilton County Schools had instructed Soddy Daisy High School Principal John Maynard to honor the request of the Freedom From Religion Group to cease prayers before football games. Rhea County's stadium announcer asked if any fans would like to join the players on the field for a prayer - in light of Hamilton County's dilemma. The entire stadium emptied on to the football field for prayer with both football teams. Perhaps this was the desired goal of the liberals from up north, but as a Tennessee boy myself - I rather doubt it. Kudos for Rhea County and their stadium address announcer and Kudos to the fans at that game.

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