Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayers for a Friend.

As I type these words today, an older friend of mine from the church is very ill. She is more than a friend, she is the one who first invited me to attend the church to which I now gratefully belong. Her simple act of obedience, in inviting my family (largely strangers to her at the time) to her church has had so many trickle-down affects that it makes me stand in awe of my creator and appreciate what a master weaver he truly is. By obediently following his will, she has brought glory upon God because I now stand truly amazed at all that has come from her simple gesture.

You see, SHE INVITED ME TO CHURCH. So what you may say. Well, SHE INVITED ME TO CHURCH...and...I brought my family - and that is just the beginning of the story. My oldest daughter was saved at this church. Her two best friends were also saved at this church. From the love of this church I have seen my mother come forth and make her salvation public. I have seen my oldest daughter and my wife baptized. And all this because SHE INVITED ME TO CHURCH. But wait, that is just the beginning of the story.

At this church my wife went on a mission trip to Haiti that changed her life. She came back and left her job in order to study medicine so that she could do medical mission work. Then my wife and I sent gifts to Haiti so that children who rarely see Christmas gifts would wake up with presents for the first time in years. My mother was so moved by the stories of the Haiti mission trip that she started a sewing ministry with my grandmother and they now send dresses to orphans in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. All of this because - SHE INVITED ME TO CHURCH. But wait, that is just the beginning of the story.

Today, as I set here typing these words I am intensely praising my God in Heaven for being so amazing as to be able to weave together this incredible tapestry. My prayers are music to his ears and they are as a result of her INVITING ME TO CHURCH.

Prayers be with you friend - your meaning on my life as well as many others you surely cannot grasp.

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